New Album and EP!  
The Sunlight Sessions & 571

The  "Sunlight Sessions" were created and recorded in various locations from Chicago, USA to Falmouth, Cornwall UK.   "Sunlight Sessions"  Is a collection of songs that came from my love of grass root music.   This album is now available everywhere online.

In addition to the sunlight sessions, I also have an EP entitled "571".   You can find this online under, MUSICBYSIMON 571. 

You can also still buy "Robot" (under the Music page here) Just head on over to my "Music" button/page.  By arrangement the following limited edition runs can be posted - "The Big Small Pond" (album,  CD) "The Dictaphone Sessions"  (EP CD) and "Something Else" (EP, CD). Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to order.​

IN ADDITION - I now have my own live online streaming channel - I will be doing popup performances in London and beyond.  Feel free to come along. To join/subscribe/watch - click on the link below.

Thank you!

2020 e4s (c) ears4sound London UK

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