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Simon says "Really"   
Book 2020 coming soon!

I have been writing a book! "can you imagine"...  It was initially a daily, weekly journal of the moments and journey of a busker,  namely me!  Full of stories, of those whom I have met,  both good and the bad, to the sublime and utterly ridiculous! 


Both my book and songs are based on our freedom of spirit... I see people around me,  observe the details and see the potential,  I see the missing link,  it is very simple... we are humans, we need love, kindness and understanding.  Most thrive on Validation, and that is the killer of the soul.  I think most miss the signs, in those critical seconds, because so many are eye deep in a phone.

We are the same,  we deserve love at the deepest level,  we are equal,  we are already valid regardless (point blank and full stop).  The cause for all addictions starts with the mind, and thought,  over thinking!  If all the thinking of thoughts,  self sabotaging by constant  information ... its no wonder nobody is consciously thinking.   In my book,  I explain that we are all within the spectrum of being bonkers...

I initially documented these stories out of pure disbelief in some cases!  Please join my list here.    I will update you, nearer to release date.

New Album!  
Sometime in 2020!

I am currently recording my new album entitled "Concrete".  The most requested "new" songs will be on this next album.   "Concrete"  Is a collection of songs that came from "observations"  whilst playing live.  I  think I subconsciously record situations from my surroundings, and express that,  or translate into music.   


You can still buy "Robot" (album,  here online) "The big small pond" (album,  hardcopy CD) "The dictaphone sessions"  (EP,  hardcopy CD) and "Something else" (EP,  hardcopy CD). Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to order.  Always happy to post directly.​

As always, I appreciate your continued support, Look forward to seeing you either on streets or next coffee shop gig.  Why not sign up to my updates? Click here.


I am extremely grateful for all support, Your donations really do help.  Donations assist by allowing me to continue making music.   I feel blessed and eternally thankful.  

Thank you!

Once upon a time I was signed to a label under "Symon James".  A long story short,  I did not stay connected with the company.  I went back to my roots, sessions, streets.  Here are a selection of videos - "My archive".  To subscribe/follow click directly on the youtube channel link - Alterntively watch/listen below. Thanks

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