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I have always had a fascination with music and sound.  I was very young when a guitar was placed in front of me.  At the time it seemed huge, much like wagon wheels used to!.  I  can't remember ever being away from my guitar.   I  took lessons each week in classical guitar and went through the grading system.  So I  did learn classically but I did find it too regimented and against my grain.  Still I practised, took exams and eventually over the 7 year period said Thank you and goodbye to my guitar teacher - Stuart Elliot.   I started playing live, from classical to rock funk, to acid jazz to blues and country.  I have been finding my own space, voice and ideas in music ever since.   I am still learning and that is the amazing aspect of music.  From time to time I play and perform with other musicians, sessions, and live gigs.   The majority of the time I am using a loop pedal.  It means I can create by own band on the fly!  My Dad, always took me as a young boy to guitar concerts, Clapton, Walsh, Knopfler, Segovia as well as playing Springsteen in the car!  My Mum loves Motown, and early Reggae,  which was always heard in Deptford where I grew up.  This music influenced me! 

Times change, venues becoming less willing to pay for bands and so I found myself trying the streets.  9 years later and here I am.  In-between playing on the streets,  I have managed to perform all over the world,  from Australia to East and West Coast of America.  Initially spotted on the streets and underground stations by agents and record label/producers.  I was also signed to a record label...  quickly found,  it was not for me so stepped away and went back to the street.  I love the simplicity, the acoustics and a real feeling of being part of something bigger.  I am supported and appreciated too.  I create my own brand of music,  I play my guitar and sing for my supper.  I meet and speak with people every day, each with a story to be told.  I started writing a book a few years back about the sublime to ridiculous souls I meet.. Its a view point account from where I stand.  My book has hand drawn illustrations of those I sketch from memory..  Please feel free to join my book release email list..  For this moment I will be playing live in and around London.  Thanks for your interest and continued support.

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